The American Marketing Association of Dallas/Forth Worth, Marketer of the Year Awards for 2023.

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These are designed to recognize and reward excellence in marketing in the DFW area in various marketing categories.

Rules and Eligibility Requirements

  1. All entries must include a 100% completed submission form and conform to the entry requirements and questions. Failure to submit a completed submission form could result in entry disqualification.
  2. The completion of all materials and work entered into the AMA DFW Marketer of the Year Awards competition must have been within the calendar year of January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022. Results/outcomes realized during 2023 can be included in your entry.
  3. Each entry can only be submitted into one category that best suits the work being entered. The judging panel can, at their discretion, move an entry into another category if they feel it is better suited for the entry.
  4. Upon the completion of judging, finalists will be informed and would be REQUIRED to submit the following for placement on the Marketer of the Year website and program presentation, social channels, email, or digital booklet:
  • A JPEG file, 300 x 450 pixels creative graphic (portrait or landscape) of the marketing campaign entry
  • Not more than 300 words summary of the entry
  • Images or work created examples submitted with the original entry may be included
  • Additional details and deadlines for file submissions will be sent directly to the finalists
  1. All award nominees (either the company or agency) must be based in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metropolitan area to be eligible to enter; this award is not limited to AMA DFW Members.
  2. Individuals may enter the Marketer of the Year Awards more than once, but each entry must be of a different marketing program or set of work. Agencies may enter more than one for a client, but each entry must be of a different marketing program or set of work.
  3. All judges involved in the judging panel and their immediate families, companies, and/or work that they have directly completed for clients are not eligible to enter into the awards competition.
  4. All entries must be of real marketing efforts with a purpose of solving a problem or challenge with a stated and measurable end result. No conceptual, hypothetical or abstract work will be considered.
  5. The AMA DFW and the judging panel reserve the right to reject or disqualify any entry which does not conform to the entry rules and guidelines or that does not complete the submission form in its entirety.
  6. The AMA DFW and the judging panel reserve the right to strike any entry which is not appropriate for the category for which it is entered.
  7. The AMA DFW and the judging panel reserve the right to not give out an award in every category if there are not sufficient entries for the category to have competition among the entries submitted.
  8. By submitting to the Marketer of the Year Awards all entrants acknowledge the right of the AMA DFW to utilize all submitted materials and entry information for publications, exhibitions, and marketing of the AMA DFW Marketer of the Year Awards Gala.
  9. By submitting to the Marketer of the Year Awards, all entrants agree to furnish the necessary documentation for review by the AMA DFW to prove legitimacy of entry information if a question should arise related to their entry information. Failure to provide the necessary information could result in entry disqualification.
  10. The AMA DFW and the judging panel reserve the right to rescind an award given out if it is proven that the work submitted was false, invalid, unlawful, illegal or otherwise infringes upon the intellectual property or proprietary rights of a third party.
  11. All entries must conform to all copyright laws – copyright infringement and/or plagiarism will result in entry disqualification.

Submission Form Information
Before completing this form, please carefully read and follow all Entry Rules and Eligibility Requirements to ensure your work meets the necessary submission criteria.

  • Items marked with an asterisk (*) are required items on the entry form.
  • Once you click the SUBMIT button you will not be able to modify your answers on this form.
  • This form will not save your answers unless you click the SUBMIT button.

Company/Client Information  
Please note that should this entry become a finalist or award winner, the information provided will be displayed exactly as it is shown for the trophy, publications, exhibits and marketing for the Awards Gala. Where applicable, the Marketer of the Year features the company/client as the winner and will include the agency, if the information is provided. If you are the agency, you must identify the client.   

Submission Category Descriptions


Our esteemed judges will evaluate Campaign of the Year submissions based on their ability to seamlessly integrate various marketing components into a single, unified effort. Successful campaigns will demonstrate strong collaboration among multiple stakeholders, departments, agencies, and vendors, showcasing their collective marketing prowess. Key areas of focus include branding, PR, shopper marketing, digital and social, and media. Make sure to acknowledge every contributing party, as their unique input is essential in highlighting the campaign's holistic approach and overall impact. The more unity represented, the better.


In selecting the CMO of the Year, our judges will focus on visionary leaders who have transformed brands, companies, and industries through exceptional innovation and bold decision-making. These leaders excel at empowering their teams, setting new industry benchmarks, and pushing the boundaries of what was once thought possible, inspiring not only their teams but also the broader industry with their remarkable accomplishments.



This award celebrates the top ten individuals in Dallas/Fort-Worth who are the trailblazers of the marketing world—those who defy conventions and fearlessly shatter boundaries in pursuit of new horizons. Our judges will recognize innovators who elevate marketing to unprecedented levels, breaking established records, barriers, and paradigms to forge new realities within the industry. The Marketing Mavericks award honors those who exhibit the relentless drive and groundbreaking spirit that propel marketing forward.



This prestigious award acknowledges outstanding advertising agencies, regardless of size or category, that consistently deliver exceptional work for their clients. Our judges will assess agencies based on their marketing craftsmanship, creative innovation, and ability to generate measurable results. Additionally, agencies that cultivate strong client relationships, foster a culture of collaboration and demonstrate a commitment to industry-leading practices will be highly-regarded. The Advertising Agency of the Year is a testament to exceptional performance and dedication to the art and science of marketing.


This significant award honors an individual or group of qualifying collegiate marketers in the DFW area chosen from those nominated.

Our judges will recognize excellence in collegiate marketing leadership of one individual or group of qualifying nominated collegiate marketers in the DFW area who foster innovation and drive progress in the industry by pushing the boundaries of marketing education. These institutions and/or individuals are paving the way to create a lasting impact and redefine the marketing landscape. The Collegiate Excellence Award celebrates the power of education to shape the future of marketing, inspire greatness, and propel the industry forward.